It is a pleasure to see you browsing our site. This is actually the about page of our web site and I don’t have the slightest idea what you would like to see here. Well, most folks have different reasons for looking over this page.

For my about page, I’ll share some details about myself and the reason why I made this website. It’s all about passion since that time I always like to share some of my expertise about the topics that I like. If you know someone who knows me personally, they are going to agree with this.

Among the subjects that I like to talk about are connected with everything and anything about ‘techy things’, particularly computers. I have began my relationship with computers in the time of the Commodore 64.

Most of you are possibly assuming that I’m too old for my looks, but it doesn’t alter the proven fact that the experience I have with computers can only be compared with a few folks.

The world of coding and programming was really exposed to me due to the Commodore 67 and I’m using an old audio tape cassette recorder as my memory. This is possibly astounding for many of you, but this is the truth and it has been an incredible storage device before.

I also made a decision to be a self-taught coder and I already a lot of new programming languages like CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript and they are mastered to the best of my ability.

I’ve been using Windows for a long time because it allows me to tweak and tinker whatever I want. Apple kept things too close to the chest so it is totally different. It’s always a pleasure to help folks, especially those who want to master coding and programming. Computers have been a requirement and it isn’t just produced for the geeks to play with.

My parents are already in their 70s and I could use them as the best example of how folks have embraced this new technology. They’re always searching for questions and answers, watching videos, editing photos and using emails and social media so computer technology has become an integral part of their life. Also, I have a son who is already 10 years old and he is really comfortable in using computer technology for the past 3 to 4 years. It’s always great to see him use his phone, tablet or laptop pc to do his homework, play games and watch some videos.

I’m pretty sure that today, you already get the picture as to why I’m attracted to computer technology and all the other topics related to it. It’s also the reason why this blog is created. I would really like to reach out to as many folks as possible who also have the same passion as me. If I can help folks with their concerns, excitement and satisfaction on the world of computers, it will mean that my time is wisely spent on this website. If there is anything that you want or need when it comes to computer-related subjects, you may inform me immediately. You can always drop on email to me directly or you may also leave some comments to my blog posts because I’m always reading the comments.